Entertainment 411: October 12-16, 2009


  • The never ending family has added one more.  The Duggar family’s first grandchild was just born. Her name is Mackynzie Renée Duggar and she is the daughter of Jim Bob and Michelle’s oldest son.  The Duggar Family is the center of the show TLC’s 17 and Counting. They certainly do live up to the name of their show. Don’t think that they’re going to stop having children just because they’re grandparents. Michelle is pregnant with her 19th child!
  • Miley Cyrus gave up Twitter this week. Oh, how will we survive? The force behind her decision was love. Her boyfriend doesn’t have a twitter so apparently she can’t have it either. Good job, role model! Why are you teaching all of your fans that women should give up things they do for guys that may only be a fling?
  • If you take away my cell phone,  it’s on like a WWE smack down! I’m not the kind of person who will go crazy over the loss of my phone, but one teen in Massachusetts is. The teen allegedly kicked his mother, punched his brother and bit his father. The 18-year-old set off on this rampage after his mom punished him for hitting his brother by taking his cell phone.  Wow, imagine what would’ve happened if his iPod was taken away? Can you say massacre?
  • The hype surrounding the movie Paranormal Activity might be justified. The Associated Press gives a green light to those interested in seeing the movie, with its positive review of the film. The film is setup like “The Blair Witch Project”, but it is not some boring rip-off. It is supposed to be chilling and bring its viewers together as the experience this eerie phenomenon.  Go see it! I plan on it. I can’t wait to get goose bumps.
  • Doesn’t everyone wish they could afford designer stuff without selling a kidney? Well, good news. You’re in luck because another big name designer has decided to create a cheaper line that those with a modest budget can afford. Liz Claiborne has created a line that will be sold exclusively at J.C. Penny. The designer is heading in this direction to bring money back to the company, which has hit a rough spot. Whatever their reason, their pain is our fortune and I intend on taking full advantage.
  • Oink, Oink, Paris Hilton’s new pet is a pig. For someone who is such a diva, I can’t imagine why on earth she would get down and dirty with a barn yard animal. If the pig is anything like Ms. Piggy, then Paris better get ready to fight for the spotlight.
  • Check out Jennifer Lopez’s new song. It’s a declaration of her new nickname and attitude. Forget J. Lo, she is now ‘Lola,’ and ‘Lola’ seems very laid back. From the sound of this track, Ms. Lopez doesn’t have to try too hard to be cool. Thanks to The Neptunes, ‘Lola’ has just the right amount of swagger.

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