NFL Power Rankings: Week 6

With Peyton's team number 2 this week, and Eli's number 1, will Archie sit at the 50 when they meet in the Super Bowl?
With Peyton's team number 2 this week, and Eli's number 1, will Archie sit at the 50 when they meet in the Super Bowl?
1. New York Giants (5-0) With Eli’s foot injury, the infamous former number one pick, David Carr, came into the game and was able to help the Giants put up 44 points against Al Davis’ Raiders.  The defense continues to smother opponents, allowing only 7 points this past Sunday.This Week: @ New Orleans: 1 pm
2. Indianapolis Colts (5-0) Peyton is looking like…well, a former MVP and one destined to win it again this year. He has passed for 12 TD’s this year, and has a QB ranking that is 15 points higher than George W. Bush’s IQ (his ranking is 114.1). This past week, he made the Titans look so bad that Jeff Fisher put Vince Young in the game.This Week: Bye
3. Minnesota Vikings (5-0) Adrian Peterson and Brett Favre on offense. Pat Williams, Kevin Williams, Jared Allen, and Antoine Winfield on defense. Need I say more? Oh yeah, they throttled the Rams this past Sunday 38-10.This Week: Home versus Baltimore: 1 pm
4. Denver Broncos (5-0) Kyle Orton is playing mistake-free football, and Brandon Marshall is finally happy…for now. Regardless, the defense under new coordinator Mike Nolan is stifling and held New England scoreless in the second half of Sunday’s game in a 20-17 overtime win.This Week: @ San Diego: Monday Night (8:30 pm)
5. New Orleans Saints (4-0) Coming off a bye-week, Drew Brees and the newly reliable running game are ready to get back into action and take down the undefeated NY Giants. Brees hasn’t thrown for a score in two weeks, and the Saints have won both games, showing that they are not dependent on their MVP candidate’s arm. It’s nice to know, but Brees will come out firing on all cylinders this week against a stout Giants defense. This Week: Home versus NY Giants: 1 pm
6. Philadelphia Eagles (3-1) With Donovan McNabb back in the lineup this past Sunday against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, who have started more quarterbacks this year than Al Davis has useless first-round picks, the Eagles looked excellent. McNabb threw for 3 TD’s, 2 of them to rookie standout Jeremy Maclin. It finally looks as if all the weapons are meshing together for Andy Reid’s squad and that means trouble for the rest of the NFL.This Week: @ Oakland: 4 pm
7. Cincinnati Bengals (4-1) Hey, Carson Palmer, did you know you’re clutch in the 4th quarter? Well, you should because you’ve lead great drives late in wins against the Steelers and Ravens. Not to mention, that Cedric Benson is tearing up opposing defenses. Yes…the same Cedric Benson who was a bust in Chicago. The Bengals lone loss came at the hands of the Denver Broncos, who beat them on a miraculous reception courtesy of slot-magic-man Brandon Stokley.This Week: Home versus Houston: 1 pm
8. Miami Dolphins (2-3) Yeah, I know they have a losing record, but so what? I’m looking at the last two weeks, and I love what I see. Chad Henne is 2-0 as the starter, and has his receivers wondering how he can throw a football so hard. Before, Pennington lofted it like a 10-year-old in pop warner and got half of his receivers killed by the secondary. Ronnie Brown and Ricky (5-time substance abuser) Williams are tearing up defenses with the Wildcat, and until someone stops them, the Dolphins are staying in my top 10.This Week: Bye
9. Chicago Bears (3-1) Jay Cutler, Jay Cutler, Jay Cutler. Where have you been throughout the entirety of the Bears history? This team is looking terrific…on offense. Matt Forte is regaining last year’s form and Johnny Knox and Devin Hester both possess home-run potential. Had this team not lost Brian Urlacher for the year, we would be looking at a Super Bowl favorite.This Week: @ Atlanta: Sunday Night (8pm)
10. Pittsburgh Steelers (3-2) Rashard Mendenhall is a stud and is the presence in the running game the Steelers desperately needed. With Big Ben putting up great fantasy numbers, the Steelers are beginning to look like their old selves again. The defense has had problems, but I look for those to disappear with the reappearance of Troy Polamalu sometime in the next two weeks. When that happens, look for the Steelers to move into the top 5.This Week: Home versus Cleveland: 1 pm
11. Atlanta Falcons (3-1) Atlanta, I got three names: Matt Ryan, Michael Turner, and Roddy White.Now I have two words (technically three because one’s a contraction): They’re back

This Week: Home versus Chicago: Sunday Night (8pm)

12. Baltimore Ravens (3-2) Following a great goal-line stand to win against San Diego, the Ravens have suffered tough road losses to New England and Cincinnati. Next up, they get a road trip to Minnesota to try and slow down Brett Favre and AP. This Week: @ Minnesota: 1 pm
13. New York Jets (3-2) Mark Sanchez and Company have suffered two straight losses after blistering out to a 3-0 start. On the bright side, Braylon Edwards seems to have returned to his 07 form and it seems as if his hands really aren’t broken after all. This Week: Home versus Buffalo: 4:15 pm
14. New England Patriots (3-2) Tom Brady’s stats looked good, but his connection with his receivers looked sub-par. The Pats stay in my top 15 for this week, only because Brady didn’t campaign for any roughing the passer calls. This Week: Home versus Tennessee: 4:15 pm
15. San Diego Chargers (2-2) They’ve looked questionable all-season with a near loss to Oakland and a terrible goal-line call against Baltimore. It’s time to realize that LT is done, and it’s Darren Sproles’ time to shine now. If they don’t get it together this week and beat Denver, their division chances will be gone and they will have disappointed the NFL for the third straight season.This Week: Home versus Denver: Monday Night (8:30 pm)

The Best of the Rest (Ranks 16-32)

16.   Green Bay Packers (2-2) This Week: Home versus Detroit: 1 pm
17.   San Francisco 49ers (3-2) This Week: Bye
18.   Dallas Cowboys (3-2) This Week: Bye
19.   Houston Texans (2-3) This Week: @ Cincinnati: 1 pm
20.   Arizona Cardinals (2-2) This Week: @ Seattle: 4:05 pm
21.   Detroit Lions (1-4) This Week: @ Green Bay: 1 pm
22.   Jacksonville Jaguars (2-3) This Week: Home versus St. Louis: 1 pm
23.   Seattle Seahawks (2-3) This Week: Home versus Arizona: 4:05 pm
24.   Carolina Panthers (1-3) This Week: @ Tampa Bay: 1 pm
25.   Washington Redskins (2-3) This Week: Home versus Kansas City: 1 pm
26.   Tennessee Titans (0-5) This Week: @ New England: 4:15 pm
27.   Kansas City Chiefs (0-5) This Week: @ Washington: 1 pm
28.   Oakland Raiders (1-4) This Week: Home versus Philadelphia: 4:05 pm
29.   Cleveland Browns (1-4) This Week: @ Pittsburgh: 1 pm
30.   Buffalo Bills (1-4) This Week: @ NY Jets: 4:15 pm
31.   Tampa Bay Buccaneers (0-5) This Week: Home versus Carolina: 1 pm
32.   St. Louis Rams (0-5) This Week: @ Jacksonville: 1 pm

-Jon Harris


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