Jesse Jackson, Cynthia McKinney get involved in Watkins tenure appeal

The Rev. Al Sharpton has written the chancellor in support of Watkins, right

The Rev. Jesse Jackson and former Rep. Cynthia McKinney have now thrust themselves into the debate over Boyce Watkins’ tenure appeal, The Student Voice has learned.

Three days after the Rev. Al Sharpton sent Syracuse University Chancellor Nancy Cantor a letter in support of Whitman professor Boyce Watkins’ pending tenure appeal case, Jackson told Watkins that he wanted to get involved. Watkins sent SV writer Naresh Vissa a text message early this morning saying Jackson wants to speak with Cantor as soon as possible.

Watkins and Cantor are scheduled to meet today to discuss Watkins’ future at the university after he was denied tenure, first reported in The Student Voice.

And McKinney, the Green Party presidential candidate in 2008, wrote what Watkins called “the most astonishing letter in support of my tenure case” to SU administration yesterday. The prominent African-American intellectual and current head of Bennett College for Women Julianne Malveaux has also voiced her support for Watkins.

Watkins announced yesterday via Twitter that he will start publicizing his battle with the university.

Vissa came out with his “Race in SU Academia” series last week (Part I here; Part II here) criticizing the SU administration for not supporting Watkins in his endeavors, and addressing the repercussions of Watkins’ tenure case.

The following is what Watkins sent Vissa via text message this morning:

“Jesse Jackson went out of his way to call (me) about my tenure case. He asked to become involved and speak with the Chancellor. It’s about to get heated. I think it’s time for action.”

Watkins posted this via Facebook and Twitter yesterday:

“Former Congresswoman and Presidential candidate Cynthia McKinney just wrote the most astonishing letter in support of my tenure case. If she lets me share it, I’ll post it for everyone to read. It was very powerful. Julianne Malveaux has been really supportive too. I’ll also let you see what Rev. Sharpton writes. I want the public to be involved with everything that happens between me and SU from this point on.”

No word from Cantor, yet, but we will update if that becomes available.

Stay tuned to Student Voice for up to the latest coverage.


8 thoughts on “Jesse Jackson, Cynthia McKinney get involved in Watkins tenure appeal”

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