Death of the Iphone?

By Tory Wolk

Art by Peter Pullen

Popular since 2007, the iPhone provided a sleek and technologically advanced alternative to the average phone. Yet Apple may find trouble maintaining its monopoly. With commercials for its main rival, the Motorola Droid, dominating television for the past few months, the iPhone officially has competition.

Verizon launched the Motorola Droid in November. Both cost nearly the same, either with or without a contract, yet their seemingly similar applications have some major differences.

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Weighing slightly more than the iPhone, the Droid’s camera is sharper, the battery lasts longer, and users can talk for longer periods of time. Both take video, but only the iPhone allows users to edit their videos before posting them online.

Dave Delaney, a sophomore international relations major, bought the Droid when it first came out.

“The Droid is much faster than any other phone I’ve ever seen,” he said. “The design is sleeker and easier to navigate.”

Shea Tomlinson, a freshman engineering major, loves her iPhone. “There are so many applications to choose from,” she said.

Many consumers remain wary of the iPhone because of the unreliable service of its network, AT&T. Sophomore public relations major and Blackberry user Blaine Roth says the network is her main reason for not getting Apple’s smartphone.

Since Apple’s contract with AT&T ends in June, rumors are circulating of a possible Verizon/Apple deal. If Verizon users could buy the iPhone, it would be good news for Roth and fellow Blackberry owners.

The Droid and iPhone aren’t the only two smartphones available. With T-Mobile offering MyTouch 3G and Sprint introducing the Palm Pre, we will see more competitors enter the race for the smartphone crown.

If you’ve been longing for the iPhone, you may want to wait and do some research first. You could possibly get more for your money with another phone.


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