Lost No More

By Ashley Collman

Five years ago, a Los Angeles-bound plane traveling from Sydney, Australia crashed on an island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. The survivors waited days for rescue, but none came. Instead, castaways met polar bears, strange locals, and a black smoke monster. Millions watched every week as more mysteries unfolded, while little to no answers came. Soon, even viewers were “lost.”

With the final season underway, Losties loyal to the show hope for some closure.

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Jason Krakower, a sophomore newspaper journalism major, posed two theories for how the final season might start.

“With the bomb going off at the very end [of last season], the season is going to be a lot about what would have happened if they never crashed on the island,” he said. “We’ll see them land in Los Angeles and they are going to go about what they would have done after that.”

Karkower’s other theory had the entire cast returning to the island somehow. Last week, both of Karkower’s theories came true as the show split off in showing the two possible “what if” situations that could have occurred after the bomb explosion.

Despite driving some original viewers away, the show has managed to retain an unusually loyal viewership.

When the rumor surfaced that President Obama’s first State of the Union would broadcast at the same time as the “Lost” premiere, people were in a frenzy. White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs quickly reassured fans the president wouldn’t disrupt their viewing.

It might seem silly that people would make a big to-do over “Lost” potentially getting interrupted, but for those watching the show since the beginning, it marks an end to a long television relationship. Some are sad it’s ending, but Karkower respects the creators’ intentions for ending the show as planned.

“It’s always been my theory that they’ve known what they’ve been doing the entire time,” he said. “I would kind of be disappointed if they wanted to drag it out just to keep it going.”


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