Proposal: 4 percent tuition increase next year

Students will pay 4 percent more for tuition next year to attend Syracuse University under a proposal from the University Senate’s budget committee.

The recommendation from the budget committee was announced Wednesday night to a special session of the University Senate in the Maxwell Auditorium.

Board costs would also increase 4 percent, and room costs would increase 3.5 percent.

Chancellor Nancy Cantor hailed the hike as progress; last year, tuition increased by 4.5 percent.

-Brian Amaral


One thought on “Proposal: 4 percent tuition increase next year”

  1. Fuuu how is this seen at progress? Last year 4.5% this year 4%. Students are getting bent over a table and raped by the mighty rod of Cantor. It doesnt even make sense, inflation has been relatively stable this year, infact deflation might even be coming. 0% change in 3 months through January. We need to get rid of pensions and benefits for employees that can be replaced easily rather than sucking students dry. I know for a fact a dishwasher person at SU gets paid more than 20$+…this is ridiculous. Crappy football coaches getting paid millions everybody living comfortably except the student who has to get more and more loans. Fuuuk University Senate Budget.

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