Breaking the Dow of Love

By Kayla Caldwell

Don’t judge the latest goofy, rom-com, “She’s Out of My League,” as quickly as I did because this movie is funnier than it looks. I would have waited until DVD, but a free-screening opportunity got me in the theater. I’m glad I went; I actually found myself laughing at this awkward, and sometimes raunchy, comedy.

Jay Baruchel stars as Kirk, the classic underdog, and an airport security worker. His friends dub him a “5” based on a rating scale his friend calls ‘the dow of love.’ ” A twist of fate allows him to meet Molly (Alice Eve), a party planner with stunning looks that score her a “hard ten.” From there, the audience watches as their unlikely relationship unfolds and develops with plenty of awkward mishaps along the way.

While the leads supply plenty of laughs, audiences will adore the supporting cast. T.J. Miller plays “Stainer,” one of Kirk’s closest friends and my favorite character. His hilarious performance is reminiscent of both Napoleon Dynamite, with his monotone and appearance, and Will Ferrell, with his random and dramatic outbursts. Nate Torrence plays Devon, a married and more reserved member of the group. But audiences will find him endearing, though almost childlike; he refuses to use profanity and frequently quotes Disney movies. While Kirk and Molly share a kiss, Devon recites, “Tale as old as time, song as old as rhyme.” Mike Vogel rounds out the group as Jack. As the most attractive one, he acts as the resident “Yoda” of dating and sexual experience, offering up advice for the other guys.

Some will find the sex-driven humor too much, but the gross-out factor is relatively subdued thanks to the hilarity. Kirk’s sexual struggles provide the audience with delightful cringes. While a situation where he reaches premature, ahem, excitement just as the girl’s parents enter the room prove groan-worthy, the awkwardness gives plenty of evidence that Kirk is no ladies’ man. The writers don’t rely on sexual humor for the sake of sexual humor – no, it’s meant to back up the idea that Molly should NOT be with a guy like Kirk.

All in all, this movie was a pleasant surprise. With the charming cast and on-point cringe-worthy humor to balance out the predictable rom-com plot, I’d call it a solid 7.5/10. At least it’s got a better chance of impressing viewers than Kirk had with Molly.


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