Student Expects More Shocks, but Worst is Over

By Carolyn Clark

At 11:39 this morning, Chile experienced three aftershocks, the worst of which a registered a 7.2 magnitude.

Caitlin O’Donnell, a SU sophomore studying in Santiago, said that the students were told to expect aftershocks after the major earthquake, including a high magnitude jolt.

“I was still laying in bed this morning when the first shock this morning hit,” she said. “Since there have been other small shocks, I wasn’t sure if this one would get worse. The second felt worse- I think that was the 7.2.”

She said that they expect small shocks for the next month or two, but the 7.2 magnitude shock this morning was the strongest rumble expected. By comparison, the earthquake that leveled Haiti was a 7.0 magnitude quake.

SU Abroad is in the process of contacting the students and their families; meanwhile, O’Donnell commends the abroad program for having an emergency plan set for students. The students know where to go and what to do, she says, thanks to the emergency plan. And the abroad center in Santiago quickly contacts the students in the event of an emergency.

O’Donnell reports that Santiago still seems structurally sound.

“This city was built to last,” she said, confident that with this last shock over, the worst has passed.


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