An Evening With Andy Samberg

By Kayla Caldwell

The “evening with Andy Samberg” started with a compilation of all of the video shorts that have made him famous. After an introduction with clips from “Lazy Sunday,” “Dick in a box,” and “I’m on a Boat,” among others, the crowd was more than ready to see Andy Samberg.

Sophomore Davis Haines kicked off the interview by explaining that he had confused Samberg with a porn star Candy, bearing the same last name. This “mix-up” was referred to a few other times throughout the show.

Haines got Samberg talking on topics such as his audition process to get on Saturday Night Live, his first comedic performance, and the cast mate that always makes him crack up on set (Will Forte). The conversation did shift to Haines’ own personal life many times though, causing Samberg to say that he felt he could write a biography on his life towards the end.

Samberg still managed to bring the laughs despite the Q&A format of the show. From numerous clips from SNL (Read More) to new music videos, from shorts never shown on TV to the fact that Wikipedia adamantly insists on getting his name wrong, there was certainly not a lack of laughs. There was also a little competition when Haines suggested an impromptu “impression off.” Samberg won, of course, after an impression of Alan Rickman from “Diehard.” This caused Haines to declare: “This is a professional, ladies and gentlemen.”

After some more banter, Haines switched into the “thunder round” with questions such as: what is your favorite food (sandwiches), drink (sandwich juice), weapon of choice (green or red lightsaber).

The night ended with the typical Q&A with the audience. The questions asked made it clear that the process to ask a question should have been a little more rigorous. Questions ranged from the typical “How can I break into the field?” to the annoying “Will you sign my poster?” with a few simple “I’m a huge fan!”s thrown in. Most of the questions were so poorly worded that Samberg simply laughed and moved on. Samberg left the stage after a few praising words on SU’s basketball team, and to a screaming and clapping crowd.


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