BREAKING: JP Morgan Chase CEO to speak at 2010 commencement

JP Morgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon will deliver Syracuse University’s 2010 commencement address, according to a statement from the university.

“We are honored to have Jamie Dimon speak to our graduates,” said SU Chancellor Nancy Cantor in a statement.

The selection may raise controversy. JP Morgan Chase and other mega financial institutions have been heavily criticized for their role in the economic meltdown that brought the country to the brink of collapse and resulted in a politically unpopular taxpayer-funded bailout.

Cantor, however, commended the selection: “He has been a major voice in the global economy and its recovery and continues to play a critical role for our nation’s government and business leaders by providing informed opinions and knowledge about the nation’s banking industry and regulations.”

The selection is one more move (Read More) in an increasingly closer relationship between JP Morgan and the university. JP Morgan Chase gave the university a $30 million grant to open the Global Enterprise Technology academic program, and the university also announced that another JP Morgan Chase exec, Frank Bisignano, will receive the Chancellor’s Award.

Explaining the choice, SU spokesman Kevin Quinn cited JP Morgan Chase’s commitment to diversity and its charity giving, which has exceeded $1 billon over the past decade, according to Quinn.

Responding to a question about possible backlash because of the choice via e-mail, Quinn said: “Every year we receive a wide range of comments about the commencement speaker and expect this year will be no different. We have already heard a number positive comments about Mr. Dimon’s selection.”

Dimon will receive a Doctor of Laws degree, Quinn said.

Stay here for more details.


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