Personal Politics and Misrepresentation

By Kasey Panetta

President Obama has secured a legacy for himself as the president who overhauled the health care system, but I have to wonder if this $939 billion dollar mishmash of democratic desires is really in the best interest of the country.

I mean sure, now, when my dream of being an editor at Vanity Fair requires that I take an unpaid post-grad internship, I can stay on my parents’ health insurance until the ripe, old age of 26. But after that, the government will force me to purchase health insurance whether I want to or not.

Let me repeat that.

In a country built on the ideals of liberty and free choice, for the first time in the history of the nation the government is requiring that every American buy a product, and those who choose not to purchase the insurance face financial penalties. Thanks for saving me from myself, Mr. President! But I’m glad that you managed to secure yourself a place in history.

You may be wondering why this bill suddenly passed despite zero Republican support. That is the magic of Mr. Obama’s executive order to make sure abortion wasn’t covered under the bill. Luckily, the president didn’t have to contend with those pesky Republicans who were unanimously against the bill because it only needed a simple majority. It’s not like they actually represent anyone anyway.

Instantly after the bill passed, 13 state attorney generals filed lawsuits against the government on behalf of their states. Many states are unable to afford the financial requirements of the bill, but the White House isn’t concerned. They’ve battled these things before. But they should be at least considering the fact that 13 states (including Democratic Louisiana) instantly started fighting. Since when does a government ignore the concerns of its people to further its own agenda? Not to mention that many of these “rave-worthy” changes are cheap and short-term overhauls. The bill does extend coverage to children, but other federal programs already cover many children who don’t have insurance currently.

I’m not saying that the insurance industry doesn’t need a revamp, but this bill was pushed through too quickly and with too much “Oh, let’s add this…and this…and throw this in…” It was passed mostly for personal political reasons and to secure the president a place in history.

Speaking of securing a place in history, Sarah Palin is back in the political ring. Having recently read her biography, I’ve discovered a newfound respect for the intelligence and political prowess of the former Alaskan governor. In a party that the president has now chosen to basically ignore in favor of his own agenda, it’s great to see her using her popularity to support fellow Republican John McCain in the battle to keep moderate Republicans in the Senate and avoid a backlash from the liberal health care agenda.


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