Mayfest BACK ON (sorta)

Mayfest is officially back on.

The Student Association announced Tuesday that the annual booze bash known as Mayfest, and loved by all, will take place on Friday, April 30, first reported in The Student Voice.

But it won’t be like Mayfests of years past.

Some of what’s going to change:

  • Classes WILL be held
  • The event will take place on Walnut Avenue, not on Euclid Avenue. (That’s not stopping students from having their own separate bash.)
  • Walnut Avenue and Walnut Park will be entirely shut down.
  • The university will offer free beer, food, and live music
  • The event is sanctioned by the university

“All SU/ESF students will enjoy this great day of food, drinks and music as we celebrate the end of the year,” SA president Jon Barnhart said in a press release.

The event will last from 1 p.m. to 5:30 p.m, a lead-in to the Drake concert at the Carrier Dome.

Students who park on Walnut Avenue–mostly those involved in greek life–will be able to park at Manley.

As in years past, the city is promising to strictly enforce code ordinances, according to the press release.

How will students react to the new, university-sponsored Mayfest? Already, a Facebook event has popped up titled: “MAYFEST – Walnut Park can suck my balls, I’m getting wasted on EUCLID!!!!!”

SA and University Union, which collaborated with the university and the city, have created a Web site, now under construction, for more information about their own event.

For now, you can check out the awesome headline on the site: “[Y]ou can’t shut it down.”


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