Dropping The Bombs

President Obama has agreed to reduce nuclear arms while Rupert Murdoch continuously fights criticism against his Fox News.

By Kasey Panetta

This week President Obama signed a Nuclear Arms Pact with Russian leader Dmitry Medvedev. Finally.  The pact, the biggest in the history of the two countries, includes an agreement to cut their nuclear arms by a third. Luckily that leaves the U.S. and Russia with enough nukes to send this world into a nuclear winter not yet seen by even the longest living residents of Syracuse.

But anyway, props to that, it’s a really important step forward for the two leaders. Except Obama and Putin — oh sorry, Medvedev — clearly have an agenda in mind. Obama has a nuclear-free-world vision in mind, which is cool; but I don’t see it happening with countries like Iran and North Korea in the mix. Obama hopes to get the UN on board this May and set an example for other countries. Kudos to Obama — he’s for reaping the benefits of a long-time battle against nuclear warfare. Let’s hope that he keeps up the good work dealing with the rest of the world.

In other news, Rupert Murdoch was forced to defend Fox News as critics claimed they held a bias against democratic and liberal agenda. Yeah. Duh. Thanks for that surprising update — it was about as surprising as finding out that Ricky Martin’s gay. Murdoch pointed out (rightfully) that MSNBC and CNN tend to be liberal news havens written by Democrats. Meanwhile, Fox, while naturally right leaning (though Murdoch never really admitted that) employs people from all parties. Murdoch also pointed out the close relationship between The New York Times and President Obama (hello nuclear arms pact exclusive!). The media moguls got cajones, and I like that about him. Too often the liberal media stomps all over any conservative agenda while Murdoch produces quality work in The Wall Street Journal.  Please Note: This is not me defending Fox News. This is me pointing out the blatant bias.  Get over it and go watch your Nancy Grace.


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