Obama Looks For His New ‘Iron Man’ Judge

The retirement of a Supreme Court Judge launches Washington into a whole new battle over politics. At least they’ve gotten something besides health care to debate now. Maybe?

By Harrison Barron

Last week, long tenured Supreme Court justice John Paul Stevens announced his resignation.  His resignation comes after 35 years of service and during his 90th year of life.  Clearly, Justice Stevens is being soft.

If you are going to leave your post, shouldn’t you be forced out?  I mean it’s a lifetime appointment, not an appointment that you have until most people your age are dead.  If you are going to leave your post, at least get a lap dance.  Right, Michael Steele?

Anyway, this resignation sets us up for a great summer thriller.  Will President Obama nominate a Democrat for justice or will he nominate Iron Man?  Those trailers look awesome.  So, I say, Iron Man for Supreme Court justice — though, his connections with a weapons company may make it hard to vet him.

Obama’s nomination will certainly cause quite a stir and the vetting process will be contentious, to say the least.  Justice Stevens is considered one of the most liberal justices in the Supreme Court, so his replacement is likely to be of the same ilk.

A few of the likely candidates for nomination have connections with Obama from his time in Chicago.  This includes Diane Wood, who serves on the 7th Circuit in Chicago, was a colleague of President Obama at the University of Chicago, and would likely cause the biggest stir among Republicans if she were indeed nominated.

Nonetheless, whoever is nominated will go through a contentious, thorough, and lengthy vetting process, which may even turn into something of a circus.  And, this circus might have a huge impact on the November elections.

Certainly, an impassioned appointee process will lead to an even more incited right wing, and could provide them with some momentum heading into a very important set of elections.  Either way, get ready for a fun few months of politics.

In other news, the economy is getting better.  Slowly but surely, which is a great vindication for the Obama administration.  Last month, we added almost 200,000 jobs, and the Dow Jones is up almost 38 percent over the last year.

Moreover, my Ford stock is up to almost $14.00 a share.  I bought about 50 shares when it was at $2.17 a share.  So, someone has done pretty well.  And his name is whatever my name is.


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