A Little Change with A Whole Lot of the Same

Obama seems to have forgotten his promise for change, but at least he’s taking action on some bureaucratic bull.

By Kasey Panetta

The time has come it appears to say goodbye to our good friend Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens. But luckily, for those of us starved for entertainment, it’s now time to pick a judge to serve on the highest court in the land. Here’s a great opportunity to see the U.S. government in action. Luckily as we’ve seen before it will just turn into big giant Republican v. Democrat mess as they strive to replace Mr. Liberal himself with … another liberal!

I say it’s time to stop the liberal mania sweeping the nation. Take one of Obama’s picks, Professor Goodwin Liu, associate dean of the University of California at Berkeley law school and son of Taiwanese immigrants. He seems pretty qualified to join the worlds most elite old folks club but — what’s that? When Judge Alito was going through his confirmation process Liu said “in Judge Alito’s America, the police may shoot unarmed Americans, the FBI may install a camera where you sleep, an all white jury may convict a black man to death.” Well, that’s just awkward now isn’t it? It really bodes well for the Supreme Court working together. Luckily he’s an “unabashed liberal,” so that’s cool, exactly what we need on the court right now.

Maybe, just maybe, we could reach across the aisle and find a moderate candidate to replace the liberal we’re losing in Stevens. Call me crazy, but I’m pretty sure that was Obama’s schtick to get elected: change. Not change one raging liberal for another to cement the liberal stance on the Court.

But maybe I’m just to naïve, thinking that a non-partisan pick would be best.

However, mad props on Obama’s new initiative to allow patients to choose who gets visitation rights and medical decisions, including gay and lesbian partners. Sometimes, the rules just don’t fit, and Obama’s taking a stand against this bureaucratic crap. Basically, visitation and consultation privileges shall be the patients choice no matter what the “race, color, national origin, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or disability” of the other person. Frankly, the last thing hospital patients need to worry about is how to get the ones they trust by their bedside. Props, Obama.

Now, go find a moderate candidate for the court!


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