Flipping Off and Giving Back

By Kasey Panetta

In an interesting turn of events this week, the Obama administration said they would continue to support an Official Day of Prayer, despite the day being declared unconstitutional by a Wisconsin federal judge last week. The day, which was enacted in 1952, recently resurfaced, as these things are wont to do when, you know, they’re completely freakin’ unconstitutional!

The reasoning for overturning the law is simply that the government, in the name of a separation of church and state, probably shouldn’t be supporting a day of religious celebration. I’m just saying. The government shouldn’t be supporting any sort of day that has religious ties. No matter how many religions it applies to, it still fails to acknowledge atheists and agnostics and – hell! – even those of us who don’t like having religion rammed down our throats.

But, maybe this is a battle Obama feels he can win, unlike the one on Wall Street where the financial district flipped him the bird this week. After the president criticized Wall Street bankers AND the free market spirit, there was (surprise, surprise) quite the backlash. Which is fairly understandable considering that Obama’s campaign was partially funded by workers at Goldman Sachs. In politics you don’t bite the hand that feeds you, and you try to avoid pissing off the people with the money.

Speaking of money, the Senate actually passed something this week!

I know, I know. I was taken aback myself.

As if the Senate doing something wasn’t shocking enough, they actually voted to deny a congressional pay raise. Sadly, they will only be making $174,000 a year instead of the $175,600 they would have received. Well, it’s nice of them to think of the little people in times like this, with the unemployment rate at 10%, and even more people losing their houses, jobs, incomes, and working more hours for less money. Thanks, Senators. And this is an election year and everything. How convenient! And for you, Nancy Pelosi, who makes $223,500 a year, that is quite the sacrifice.

Maybe with a bit of prayer, they’ll have that pay raise in no time.


One thought on “Flipping Off and Giving Back”

  1. No, under a Democrat, the government shouldn’t do anything to endorse a particular religion, but under a Republican it’s perfectly acceptable to, you know…try to ban gay marriage, or endorse abstinence-only sex education on the grounds of a particular religion. That’s OK.

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