Immigrant Bill is NOT Nazi Germany

Kasey Panetta

Arizona blew the whistle on illegal immigrants this week when Governor Jan Brewer signed the “Support Our Law Enforcement and Safe Neighborhoods Act,” aka Arizona SB1070. Basically, this law states that anyone who the police suspect is an illegal immigrant can be asked for documentation to prove they are in this country legally.

This bill has sparked a huge controversy throughout America. A majority of Americans actually support the bill, according to recent polls. Of course, there are always those with an opinion they feel the need to share with everyone around them. Vocal minorities are what this country was founded on damn it!

Anyway, the naysayers are comparing the bill to Nazi Germany’s requirement for everyone to carry around identification cards that said if they were Jewish or not. I’m sorry, hold the phone. You can’t compare the Nazi systematic extinction of millions of Jewish people to a government trying to crack down on ILLEGAL immigrants. It’s simply ridiculous. If you are here legally then you’ve got nothing to worry about.

The naysayers also criticize the bill, saying that it encourages racial profiling, which is just ridiculous. Nothing in the bill encourages that, or even stops people to ask for identification unless there is probable cause. It’s not going to be a random attack on all citizens; it’s going to simply allow officers to better protect everyone.

In other news, oil spills are bad. The government should probably look into that before the EPA becomes a basket case of an agency, and figure out how to avoid waiting weeks to clean the spill up. I’m of course referring to the giant oil slick that we used to call the Gulf of Mexico. In their defense, they were in process of creating a cement barrier to PREVENT spills, when something went KABOOM and there was oil everywhere.


2 thoughts on “Immigrant Bill is NOT Nazi Germany”

  1. I didn’t know dismissing a series of arguments as “ridiculous,” without any actual facts or arguments of your own, constituted an opinion column.

    But what do I know! It’s probably cooler to be edgy, opinionated and brazenly upper middle class than to make sense or be factually accurate, amirite?

  2. It’s going to allow officers to better protect everyone? Protect them from what, exactly? Are these immigrants all coming over here with plots of rape, pillage and murder? If that is, indeed, the case, then it really is too bad the Native Americans didn’t have the infrastructure to set up a similar system back in the 1600s. Convenient how you neglect to mention that…

    I was linked to this article from the Student Voice Twitter page, which called this column Kasey’s “Conservative Week in Review.” This isn’t conservatism; it’s short-sighted liquid horse shit.

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