Glee Kicks Off With a French Horn

By Noah Silverstein

The drama at William McKinley High School is back to our primetime viewing schedule! Whether you are a fan of the Golden Globe and Emmy winning television sensation or not, the buzz surrounding the show and its sophomore season premiere is undeniable. There are 3 brand new characters added to the mix, starting with the new FEMALE football coach, Coach Beiste (it’s French!). The new coach replaces former coach Ken Tanaka (because of a nervous breakdown, naturally) and becomes a rebel force. She takes control of the school budget and cuts the spending for both the Cheerios cheerleading team and the ever-lovable school glee club, New Directions.

While this occurs, New Directions is back, but still not at the top of the popularity charts as they had hoped. In hoping to gain momentum, there hold an open call for students to join, as well as a public performance in the outdoor schoolyard among a sea of WMHS students. Kicking the season off with a huge bang, the group performed a rendition of Jay-Z’s hit record “Empire State of Mind” and, in my opinion, put him and songstress Alicia Keys to shame. With harmonies, and extremely tight jean, it was a spectacle for any crazy Gleek to enjoy. However, in a rather anticlimactic, yet hysterically amusing fashion, no one even applauded the group for their performance, further exemplifying New Direction’s place on the totem pole in the school.

At this point, there doesn’t seem to be an ounce of hope for the club, until lead performer and self-proclaimed diva Rachel Berry stumbles upon a new foreign exchange student, Sunshine Corazon (played by Filipino teen superstar and recording artist Charice), in the girl’s bathroom. Rachel had spotted her bopping along to the performance earlier and invited her to audition for the group.

All the while, the football team is feeling the new regime of Coach Beiste deep into their jockstraps. She kicks New Direction’s golden boy Finn Hudson for trying to get Artie on the team and advertising the glee club to his jock friends. New quarterback, and final new character, Sam Evans has a voice that rivals all of the other males in the group, making for some interesting change-ups.

Favorite Song: “What I Did For Love” from A Chorus Line, sung by Rachel Berry (Lea Michele) She truly took all the emotion she felt throughout the episode, which ranged from jealousy, to insecurity, to fear, to determination, and displayed it in a performance that was absolutely remarkable, both vocal and acting wise.

Favorite Quote: “I didn’t send her to an active crack house!” –Rachel Berry


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