Seen on 9.27

By Tress Klassen
Funny, heartwarming, ironic or weird—if I’ve seen it at ‘Cuse, I’ll write it here!

It’s Monday morning in Syracuse, and students are headed to class in the midst of what is essentially a monsoon. Sheets of water are pouring down on people unfortunate enough to have forgotten an umbrella and are left sprinting through the puddles that are rapidly expanding into ponds. Even with an umbrella, it’s pretty damp, but umbrella-less sprinters look like they’re swimming to class, so no one else is complaining.

And then a girl walks by, without an umbrella, wearing heels and a dress, and clutching a file folder in what must surely be a futile attempt to keep it dry. The rain starts coming down harder, and what had clearly been a hairstyle to die for is beginning to collapse. To put it lightly, she does not look too pleased with her current situation.

Maybe you can guess what comes next, but that doesn’t make it any less of an “aww, I don’t completely hate humanity moment.” A guy walks up to her, and without a word, sticks his arm out and hold his own umbrella over the girl, finally halting the onslaught of water. She looks up at him in confusion, and he just sort of shrugs and smiles. By now the guy is soaking wet, but seeing her beam at him, it doesn’t seem like he notices.


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