Seen on 10.04

By Tress Klassen
Funny, heartwarming, ironic or weird—if I’ve seen it at ‘Cuse, I’ll write it here!

These two guys are walking down the sidewalk with a bit of a swagger, and they’ve got the whole “nonchalant but cool” look going on. From the hair that looks effortless but is probably styled to perfection, to the jeans that sag just enough to look a little badass but not so much that they’ll have mobility-related issues, these kids are trying way too hard.

Their conversation sounds almost scripted. Cool Dude #1 glances around furtively and then murmurs to his friend, “Hey bro, you got it, right?” Cool Dude #2 nods and taps the pocket of his jacket, replying, “Of course I got it.” Cool Dude #1 breaks out into a smile, and asks, “Some for me, right?” Cool Dude #2 answers, “I always got you covered, don’t I?” Cool Dude #1 asks, “Can I see it then?”

Cool Dude #2 shrugs, reaches into his pocket, and pulls out the goods. “Here, take your pick,” he says as he holds out a handful of pixie sticks.


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