All the Rave of Steve Aoki

By Monica Delamater

Walking into Schine Underground Monday night felt as though falling down the rabbit hole into a dingy rave. But in a good way.  Girls were covered head-to-toe in neon and glitter and wore fuzzy leg warmers.  Guys spun around, fingers dancing, with light gloves. Students sprinted to get cups of water provided by University Union, only to chug them and sweat it all out on the dance floor two seconds later.  It’s about time Syracuse hopped on the electronic music train. What better way to do it than with a performance by one of the most influential DJ’s on the electro-house scene, Steve Aoki?

Aoki is more than just DJ famous for remixing songs like Kid Cudi’s “Pursuit of Happiness” and Drake’s “Forever.” He also founded the record label Dim Mak Records, which represents artists such as The Bloody Beetroots, Mustard Pimp, and MSTRKRFT.

According to Harry Roberts, a junior in the Bandier program who had the luxury of showing Aoki around Syracuse, he’s a pretty kick-ass guy, too.

“He went to Psi U and then went to my friend’s econ class,” Roberts said. “He’s such a cool guy.”

Aoki even told his fans about his adventures at ’Cuse, including a tweet about his educational experience.

“I’m learning about structural unemployment at Syracuse University right about now,” he tweeted.

Although he’s been influencing the music scene since 1996, Aoki remains as relevant as ever.  In 2008, Billboard Magazine named his album, “Pillowface and His Airplane Chronicles,” the best mix album of the year, and this year he released the single “I’m in the House” (featuring Zuper Blahq). It hit number one on the UK indie charts over the summer.

His show at SU on Monday generated quite the buzz as well.  He played for almost two hours and kept the crowd gyrating the entire time. He played old favorites, such as rave anthem “Warp 1.9” (TWICE!), and introduced a new remix of “The Lion King” theme song that was nothing short of creative genius.

“He said he wasn’t used to playing in a venue that small,” Roberts said of how Aoki felt about the show.  “But he said it was cool.”

When at the show ended around 11:30 students exited Schine with ears ringing, hearts pulsating, and legs shaking. It was certainly more than, “cool,” to the fans who attended the show.

When asked what Aoki was doing after the show, Roberts laughed and simply answered, “He’s going to Turning Stone [Resort and Casino].”

How’s that for an ending to a night of college raving.


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