Blow Away That Nasty Cold

By Eunji Kim

Colds are never fun. Especially when you get one during college, hampering your study-time. Or, your weekends of frat-hopping.

Back home, I was treated like a princess when I got a cold. Steaming chicken noodle soup, warm fuzzy blankets, and friendly greetings from everyone saying, “Awww, hope you feel better! Hugs and kisses!”

But at Syracuse University, there’s no steaming chicken noodle soup. No warm fuzzy blankets. No princess treatment.

For some of us, it takes weeks to finally kick a nasty cold. Nothing seems to work. Not Tylenol, not laying in bed all day, not even hot soup can make our noses stop dripping. So we are miserably stuck, for however long, with our colds, far away from home and having to care for ourselves.

Thankfully science is helping to alleviate our symptoms. New research shows that gargling salt water can ease cold symptoms, according to a New York Times article published in September 2010.

The salt water soothes the pain in your throat, eliminates thick mucus, and removes irritants.

This is a great option for college students because it’s basically free. Just mix salt with water, and voila, your cold remedy is here. You do not need to walk a long way down to CVS on South Crouse Avenue to get expensive cold treatments – a simple trip to the dining hall will do the trick!

It’s also convenient. Gargle before class. Gargle before a frat party. Gargle before sleep. Before you know it, your cold might just disappear.

I know it’s hard to be at college with a thousand things to do and a gloomy cold. Just know that you are not the only one.

All the sick people unite and gargle, gargle, gargle your cold away!


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