“Dane Cook Live!” Tour Kicks Off In ‘Cuse

By Samantha Hazen

Earlier this week I conducted a phone interview with Dane Cook. He is kind and extremely serious about his work. At 7 a.m. his time he was willing to speak to a campus publication across the country, and then offered to meet me after his show here in Syracuse. To read the in depth Q&A about Cook’s career, check out today’s print issue of The Student Voice.

Dane Cook rocked the house in Syracuse at the War Memorial Arena on October 26, 2010. His show openers, J Chris Newberg, Ben Gleib, and Al Del Bene, energized the crowd and gave the night an explosive start. Newberg incorporated guitar playing into his comedy routine, while Gleib and Del Bene showed off their stand-up skills. When it was time for Dane to come onstage, the crowd went nuts. His introduction video pumped us up as it portrayed images of fans and fun clips of Dane.

His energy on stage was (and always is) incredible, and his new material lived up to its expectations. He approached subjects such as dealing with breakups and his number one hater. He brought humor to the situation when he described his biggest critic (the hater). Every time he starred in a movie or produced a new comedy tour, he would get an immediate reaction from the hater telling him how much he sucked. However, his hater died recently, and ironically the hater’s sister asked Cook to speak at his funeral. Another bit that earned Cook lots of laughs was his explanation of how to conceal a murder weapon. You should hide it in a Clue game, of course! The punch line: “But in which room did I kill him?”

When Cook’s stand up routine was over, there was still more excitement to be had. His guitar was brought onstage, and Del Bene and Newberg joined Dane for approximately 20 more minutes of entertainment. Many people had never seen Dane play guitar before, so this was a welcome surprise. The songs performed were hilarious and the tunes will definitely be stuck in my head all day tomorrow. The “Humpy Dance” song was performed with rap from Del Bene and intense vocals from Dane. The song’s beat switched a few times and the lyrics were hilarious. Dane and Del Bene also sang a raunchy Happy Birthday song to one of the audience members, whose name happened to be Samantha!

After the show I went back stage to meet the funny-man.

Off the stage Cook carries himself in a humble manner; it is incredible how much of a regular gentleman he is, and he truly makes those around him feel at ease. When questioned, Cook thought the show went well, but he believes he and his team have things to work on. He said that he and his three opening acts will discuss everything and make some changes for upcoming shows. Though he did not specifically discuss how they would change the show, I am positive that the four brilliant minds will find a way to make it even more hilarious. Before hitting the stage, Cook said he felt slightly tentative about incorporating music into the show, but afterwards said:  “I really liked the reaction from the crowd, so we will continue to perform as much as we did.”

A few random thoughts about Dane Cook:
He chews gum while he performs.
He likes to eat healthy while on tour.
He acknowledges the fact that no two shows on tour are alike.

The next stop for the Dane Cook Live! Tour is on October 28 in Toronto, ON.

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