“OK Go” Rocked the Westcott

Words and Photos By Brandon Weight

OK Go proved Wednesday night at the Westcott Theater that they are plenty more than a treadmill-mastering, one-hit-wonder. In bold, primary-

colored suits, the band perfectly blended their viral video persona with their live performance talent. OK Go supplemented past hits with songs off of their new album, Of the Blue Colour of the Sky. The band also projected video from on-stage microphones, displays of ornate patterns, and footage familiar to

viewers of their YouTube masterpieces. Their affinity for technologic novelties was especially shown with their use of laser beam guitars, oscillating-noise makers, and confetti cannons.

Earlier in the night, openers Eytan & the Embassy, a saxophone- and- piano- driven indie-blues band from Brooklyn, NY, and Those Darlins, a mainly female punk group from Tennessee, entertained the crowd. Still, hardly any act could rival the fist-rising energy OK Go brought with songs like “Get Over It.” Lead guitarist and vocalist Damian Kulash clearly ran the show, taking pictures of the crowd and providing banter between songs, but the band’s execution of a song with only hand bells showed that they are one impressively cohesive unit. Closing with “This Too Shall Pass,” OK Go left the audience with one common thought – that this band’s influence will certainly not pass fast.

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