Seen on 10.28

Last Friday, was the first vaguely cold day in Syracuse, meaning it was maybe less than 40 degrees outside. I was working at one of the dorms’ main desks, and every person walking inside wearing just a hoodie looked extremely dissatisfied with their wardrobe choice for the day as they enter the heated lobby shivering desperately and rubbing their hands together for warmth.

A group of five friends walks by, and as they passed me, I heard one of the guys say, “First thing I’m doing today – going to the mall and buying a real coat. This is ridiculous.” His friends murmured in agreement, and I couldn’t help but smile. 40 degrees is practically a pleasant summer day compared to Syracuse’s real winter weather. Looking around, it’s easy to tell who’s experienced Syracuse’s winters because they just wryly smiled after hearing the poor freshman’s remark. But since I was in a mostly freshman dorm, a good number of students nodded in agreement, glaring at the outdoors, as if offended by the not-at-all frigid weather. Just wait for the snow to start newbies…


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