Seen on 11.02

By Tress Klassen

The dining hall is quiet this morning as students sit somewhat morosely chewing their food. No one’s saying much – it’s as if the cold, grey weather is reaching into the hall, permeating the windows and walls, and dulling everyone’s mood. The lonely clinks of forks and occasional sputter of the ice cream machine occasionally break the silence, but it’s basically a depressing morning on the Mount.

Outside, snow starts to fall. It’s not very much, and it probably won’t stick, but there’s enough of it to bother everyone walking outside, forcing them to pull up their hoods and start walking faster.

In the dining hall, from amid the rows of tables, there comes a shriek and a girl practically flies around the corner of my table as she heads for the door. “You guys, you guys! Come quick!” she cries out, “I’ve never seen snow before, I’ve got to feel it!”

Her friends follow, somewhat reluctant to head out into the cold, but they can’t help but smile as she runs out the door, throwing out her arms and sticking out her tongue to taste snow for the first time. Everyone else has looked up from their breakfast by now. Though some roll their eyes, others look out the window and stare at the snow, as if they too haven’t really, actually seen it before either.


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