Advice by Amy Zeis — Dance Away Your Stress!

By Amy Zeis

Someone once said that the only thing constant in life is change. While this may be true, I think it may also be safe to say that the only thing constant in college life is stress (and since we go to SU, it’s probably a good idea to add cold to this statement as well).

College is hard. Sure these years are some of the best we’ll ever have, but while we’re out enjoying all that irresponsible fun that is only acceptable in college, piles upon piles of work accumulate on our desks. While we’re out making poor life decisions on the weekends, we know that once we wake up on Monday morning it’s back to business and back to stressing. During the week, classes, papers, projects, and group meetings create multiple stressors that take up most of our time and energy. Luckily, the weekend comes along, swoops down, and rescues us from the burning building that is our hectic life. But what does one do when the stress just becomes too much to bear during the week, and it seems as though the weekend will never come?

Here are some suggestions to help you survive the weekly stresses so that you can go out and risk live your life on the weekends!

1) Make the cold your friend: It’s cold in Syracuse, this we know. While this weather may seem like an enormous annoyance, it actually can be a welcomed occurrence. Nothing clears the head better than a slap in the face by a nice, freezing cold breeze. Similar to dunking your head in icy water, stepping out into the chilling wind creates an instant and extreme change in temperature. This can sometimes act as a reset button for your mind. I truly believe that colder air produces clearer thoughts. While I can’t prove this, I know it can potentially help. So when you’re feeling trapped and like your homework is closing in on you in your small dorm room, step out and take a short walk around campus. The fresh, icy air will help you reevaluate your situation. Just wear weather appropriate clothing. Hypothermia isn’t fun.

2) Dance the stress off: Whenever life gives me lemons, I listen to music. Not the answer you were expecting? Well, with all this stress I don’t have time to make lemonade, so instead I listen to music. The tune of my favorite song is just enough to rid me of all those sour, stressful thoughts. With music, you have two options: you can take ten minutes, calmly lie on your bed and simply listen, or you can take ten minutes and dance. Now, when I say dance, I don’t mean simply swaying or tapping your foot to the beat. I mean that you should get up and DANCE: wildly flail your arms around as you jump, skip and spin to the beat. Dance off your excessive stress while you dance away those last few pesky pounds! So when you’re stressed, do your best Lady Gaga impression and “Just Dance.”

3) Just do “it” now: Another way to de-stress is to just do it. What is “it’ you ask? Well that part is up you. “It” is whatever gets rid of that sickening feeling in the pit of your stomach that comes from stress. You can go for a run, jump around, call a friend, draw a picture, or even just scream. Just make sure you’re alone and/or have something to muffle the sound if you choose to scream, as your roommate and other floor mates may not appreciate random screaming coming from down the hall.

4) Go out and have fun: Any action word is fair game when it comes to ridding yourself of stress. Just go out and do something! Take an hour or two just to get your mind off things. When you come back to your work with a clear and stress-free head, you may just find that you can more easily spot a solution to whatever you may have been worrying about.

Stress is a constant in life, but in the end just remember you WILL get through it. I promise it’s not impossible. There are tons of people on this campus, such as professors, advisors and friends who are willing to help you!  Today may feel horrible, but tomorrow will be a brand new, freezing Syracuse day. It’s just like Annie said: “the sun will come out tomorrow,” and that girl was an orphan, so she knows a thing or two about stress. So when you’re feeling stressed, just try a few of these suggestions, and always remember that tomorrow “is only a day away.”


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