Advice by Amy Zeis — The Art of Skipping Class

By Amy Zeiss

We all go to class. We just don’t go all the time. Truthfully, we do go to an expensive university, so going to class should be a priority, but sometimes going to three classes during the day is difficult! While we shouldn’t make skipping class a routine, sometimes a nice little 55-minute break is a welcome refresher in our hectic lives. Everyone needs a catnap once and awhile, and hey, it’s better to nap in your own bed then to fall asleep in front of the entire world in lecture.

Surprisingly, skipping class is complicated. I know you’re thinking that all you have to do is just decide not to go, and well, not go. This however, can lead one to become a serial class skipper, which ultimately, unless you’re a genius, will lead to a decline in your GPA. The key to skipping class in the most responsible manner (at least as responsible as skipping class can be) is to know which classes to miss and when. Once you’ve figured this out, and it doesn’t take a genius to do so, so get ready for an influx of napping opportunities in your exhausting, frenzied lives.

Let’s start with the classes that you shouldn’t miss.  These are the classes that only in a dire circumstance can you even consider missing. Classes for your major are one example. Unless it’s some super lame I’ll-never-use-this-again type of requirement class, you should probably be in attendance. This is the field you want to spend the rest of your life pursuing. Your parents are paying a lot of money for your education, so you might as well learn some skills other than knowing how to effectively hide certain beverages from RAs. So if a class pertains to your major, go.

One should also never skip language classes, as they can tend to be faster paced. Unless you’re feeling supremely comfortable with the material being covered, I would advise you to attend these classes.  One class you may be learning how to say hello and goodbye, so you skip the next, thinking that “I got this.” The next time you attend, however, the class has already learned how to form a thought in both the past and present tenses. Now you’re behind, and with the speedy rate of the class you may never catch up.

Since you’ve been working so hard in all your other classes, and you’ve made it to every foreign language class, you deserve a little break and can maybe skip a class or two. While I don’t condone habitually skipping class, sometimes missing a class here or there is enough to give you a break from the monotonous routine of weekday life, but not upset your GPA to badly. You just have to be smart. You don’t want to fall behind, miss important information that will inevitably be on the test, or even the test itself! All of these outcomes would be bad, very bad. So exactly which classes should you skip? Check Blackboard. If you can find the weekly PowerPoint used in that large lecture class you force yourself to attend every week, skip. Missing that class once or twice won’t hurt, since you can literally read exactly what you missed online. Just make sure to actually attend this class somewhat regularly, as professors will sometimes give answers to the test that are not on the PowerPoint. Tricky, I know.

Another class you can miss is any class that starts at 8:30 a.m. because that is just way too early to learn anything. Why would you even sign up for that class? On second thought, you should attend. Obviously you didn’t know that it’s physically and mentally impossible to be a fully functioning member of collegiate society that early in the morning, so attend it to teach yourself the lesson that during the next registration period you should only sign up for classes you can actually make it to. To catch up on sleep, just skip that large lecture class later in the day, the notes are on Blackboard anyway!


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