Seen on 12.01

By Tress Klassen

Syracuse weather never fails to elicit hilarity. I logged onto last night to plan my outfit for today. The predicted temperature was 59 degrees. As I looked out of my dorm window this morning, I looked around to see students starting their mornings in light jackets, and even some flip-flops.

But by mid-morning, the temperature plummeted and torrential rain began to fall. As students shivered and squelched along in their unfortunate choice of open-toed shoes, everyone looked positively miserable—but relieved that they weren’t the only ones.

And then, by the afternoon, the rain miraculously turned to snow, and walking through the quad, dozens of students could be seen closing up their umbrellas and looking upward to the sky, as if thanking some unknown deity of weather for their merciful change of plans.


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