Advice by Amy Zeis — Finals Fever

By Amy Zeis

It’s go time. Finals are in our imminent, and even though we’ve just returned from Thanksgiving break, we must immediately jump into the final end of semester academic push. We begin to attend the classes we religiously skipped, start paying attention in the ones we went to but slept through, and finally make the time to look over the readings we put off all year. On top of all that, we also have to figure out how to complete the multiple papers and projects that have been piling up on our desks for the last week. Oh, and did I mention studying for the actual finals? Because we have to do that too.

As our workloads exponentially increase, it seems that our drive to do the work exponentially decreases. I mean, how does one focus on work when the holidays are upon us? As we know, the holidays are pretty big attention whores. Christmas music blares on the radio, while “25 Days of Christmas” airs on ABC Family – and seriously, who can do work while “Elf” is on? The good news: winter break is right around the corner. The bad news: you can’t enjoy until you finish your numerous projects, papers and tests. As my holiday present to you, here are some tips to help you survive these final weeks before break.

Just get it done: Right now you may feel as though you just returned from Thanksgiving break. It was only two weeks ago! That doesn’t mean you need to take it easy in order to readjust to college life. The break was supposed to refresh you, so you shouldn’t have needed to take a few days extra to refresh from the refreshment. Do your work now! That project due on Monday? Work on it now! The paper that’s due Wednesday? Start writing or outlining it now! You’ll be less stressed if you slowly, but surely, start to conquer your work. Rome wasn’t built in a day, so you can’t expect your end of semester work to be finished in a day, or in one long all-nighter, either. And just think – the faster you get it done, the quicker you get to lay back and relax for a whole month!

Happy place: Another suggestion, find your homework-happy-place. This is a place where you can get work done; a place where you can be productive and free from distraction. Where is this magical, and seemingly mythical place? I can tell you two things. It’s definitely not in your bed, and it’s definitely not on the first floor of Bird Library. Both of these places are not your homework happy place. In fact, they are the exact opposite. They represent your homework Hades. Your bed is a bad idea simply because it’s just too comfortable – at least mine is! So whenever I’m there, it’s only a matter of time before my eyelids start to feel heavy as I snuggle into the pillows and jersey knit sheets (They feel just like my favorite sweatshirt!). And the first floor of Bird? It’s a party where you see all the people you neglected to hang out with all semester long! In order to be successful, choose to study somewhere that gives you the complete opposite feeling of comfort and relaxation! I suggest you find another place of study, or try the upper floors of Bird. A good rule of thumb is that as the floors go up, the noise goes down. So explore the upper floors, or check out places like the Panaschi Lounge in Schine, Carnegie Library (yes there is another library), or an empty lounge in a different dorm than your own or on another floor. So this might feel kind of creepy, but you won’t know anyone and may actually get work done.

Ultimately, to survive the next few weeks, just remember that your work will get done. So don’t stress, get enough sleep, eat healthy and delicious (use that extra SUpercard Food money you’ve been saving all semester or hit your parents up for a little extra cash to order in), and simply relax. Take one day at a time, and before you know it, you’ll be drinking hot cocoa and watching holiday movies while relaxing in your bed at home.


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