CrosSVord Answers — Spring 2011 Issue 1

Issue 1

5 Before he partied with the Jersey Shore cast, he performed at the first halftime show of the 21st century. Enrique Iglesias
6 He brought together “Two Worlds” of fans at Super Bowl XXXVI. Phil Collins
7 This year’s halftime performers. The Black Eyed Peas
8 The Supremes singer helped the Super Bowl celebrate its 30th birthday. Diana Ross
9 This MTV-produced halftime show starred the princess of pop. Britney Spears
10 Last year’s performers. The Who
11 There was some “Purple Rain” at the 2007 Super Bowl courtesy of this artist. Prince
12 The victim of 2004’s infamous wardrobe malfunction. Janet Jackson



1 Gwen Stefani’s band who performed at the 2003 halftime show. No Doubt
2 The “This Is It” star who thrilled audiences at Super Bowl XXVII. Michael Jackson
3 These guys took things “Step by Step” at the Super Bowl’s 25th anniversary celebration.New Kids on the Block
4 He covered The Beatles’ “Hey Jude” at his 2005 Super Bowl performance. Paul McCartney



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