Editor’s Voice

Words by Ian Carlino – Editor

It just happened again — you blinked and those weeks and months between Mayfest and Juice Jam turned into a few seconds.
We’re well into September now, and the trees around campus will soon begin to shed their leaves. Read about the new digital communities that may help you shed a few pounds on page 12.

The days are getting shorter, too, which means the dark will be even darker while you walk home after a night on Ostrom or Euclid. Students living off-campus have probably already seen their fair share of DPS cars and officers around their neighborhood. Those cars should reassure anyone who actually reads the university’s Public Safety Notices, but Taylor Damele disagrees. Read her opinion about what DPS should be doing on page 15.

If you decide to stay home instead of risking the trip back from a house party, maybe you can empathize with the situations page 4’s Q&A poses about religious obligations conflicting with what some think your “typical” college lifestyle should be.

Though not all students encounter faith-based friction, you can be sure they run into relationship tangles born from the online component that now comes with any friendship. On the last page, Chris McPherson laments our generation’s move to defriending from the “old-fashioned form of communication,” face-to-face contact.

HBO’s The Newsroom certainly didn’t stick to old-fashioned communication as it charted in its first season the turmoils and drama its writers think today’s journalists face. Page 14 highlights the disparities between the show and what Newhouse students should actually expect from their first jobs in the media.
Some students come to college with expectations of how they’ll interact with religion in their years on campus. The feature on page 8 takes you through different SU students’ unexpected, eye-opening experiences with faith.

Whatever you decide to experience in this semester’s first weeks, be sure to take it in — just don’t forget to stay in the moment, because before you’ve blinked twice, you’ll be reading our introduction to a snow-filled spring semester.



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