Top 10 Most Surprisingly Microwaveable Foods

Words by SV Staff

1. POTATO CHIPS Craving chips but ran out of SUpercard? Roommate from Idaho? Borrow a potato, slice and salt it, and cook on high between pieces of parchment paper for about eight minutes.

2. CORN MUFFINS When the dining hall isn’t serving cornbread, you can just make your own. Mix cornmeal, baking powder, salt, flour, olive oil, eggs, and milk, pour the mixture in a plastic cupcake mold, and microwave for four minutes.

3. BAGEL BITES Bagel Bites revolutionized our understanding of pizza and mealtimes. Stock your freezer with these bad boys, because you can’t go wrong with mouth-sized pizza.

4. SCRAMBLED EGGS If you’re running late and need your protein, just look to the eggs in your fridge. Scramble a few and toss them in a bowl on high for two minutes.

5. CROUTONS Impress all your friends with homemade croutons. Stick some butter in the microwave for 15 seconds, then add your favorite spices. Cut bread into cubes and cover it in butter, then microwave it all for three minutes.

6. BROWNIES They won’t taste the way mom makes them, but they might remind you of home. Pick up a box of brownie mix, follow the instructions on the back, and pop them in the microwave for four minutes.

7. TOASTED NUTS For a fun addition to your trail mix, try some home-toasted nuts. Coat a handful with olive oil and microwave until the nuts are golden brown.

8. RICE KRISPIE SQUARES Use dining hall cereal to make a sweet treat. Heat one-half cup of butter and some marshmallows for two minutes, then add six cups of Rice Krispies and let the mixture sit for an hour. It may not be healthy, but it’s definitely tasty.

9. CHOCOLATE PUDDING If you’re burned out on candy bars from the vending machine, try making some pudding. Mix instant pudding with two cups of milk. Microwave, refrigerate, and enjoy!

10. OYSTERS Adding some class to your dinner is as simple as microwaving oysters on high for three to four minutes, rotating the plate, and repeating.When the shells pop open, you’re good to go.


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