Editor’s Voice

One month into the semester and everything is back to normal in the ‘Cuse: the football team is losing, crime abounds around campus, and the Dalai Lama is coming to visit. Oh, wait. Never mind. But do you really know what’s happening at the Common Ground for Peace symposium besides Dave Matthews and co. coming to put on a kick- ass show? Learn more about the events surrounding the Dalai Lama’s visit on page 14.

Though the presence of His Holiness might temporarily bring peace to campus (here’s looking at you, Acropolis stabbers), some students just aren’t feeling the love when it comes to the segregation between SU schools. Newhouse students are snooty, VPA students are art geeks, and Arts and Sciences kids are just … everyone else. Read more about how these labels separate students in this issue’s opinion piece on page 15.

Maybe students can learn something from the Egyptians, who come together to celebrate their country’s art and culture despite their political differences. Learn more about Egypt’s love of song and dance in page 16’s personal essay.

Speaking of music, Professor Bob Halligan Jr. is someone you need to hear about. This guy has had songs recorded by big names like Cher and Michael Bolton, and is totally dedicated to his Celtic rock band. Tune into our Q&A on page 4 to read all about this awesome musician.

But don’t have so much fun jamming out to Halligan that you forget to think about the upcoming election. As Nov. 6 gets closer, pay attention to the political organizations on campus — they may just sway your vote. Our story on page 12 gives the skinny on what these groups are all about. So read up. Stay safe. And in the famous words of the Dalai Lama:

“Peace, bro.”

Words by Sean and Jill – Features


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