Moon Schine

Words by Connie Zhou

Photos by Jeffrey Ho

Members of Taiwan Connection, a student organization dedicated to promoting Taiwanese culture and providing help for Taiwanese students, perform two songs, one in Chinese and another in English.

This past Saturday, September 22, the student organization Asian Students in America (ASIA) hosted its annual Autumn Moon Festival to celebrate the Chinese holiday, Mid-Autumn Festival. The Mid-Autumn Festival is typically celebrated on the fifteenth day of the eighth lunisolar month. In China, people celebrate the holiday by eating mooncake, a traditional Chinese pastry infused with a sweet and dense filling.

The event was located in the Schine Underground and consisted of eight student performances that included singing and dancing. Guests could make their own paper lanterns, write Chinese calligraphy, and eat delicious mooncakes.

Eric Yoon shows off his talent on the cello with two songs as Felix Ngo accompanies him on the piano.
Ben Choe sings and plays the guitar with WonJoon Cho on the cajon drum and Sarah Kim providing back up vocals. The trio performed Collide by Howie Day.
Hannah Moore sings Turning Tables by Adele, with Connie Zhou playing the guitar.
The men of the Phi Mu Alpha fraternity perform an a capella set, including one song which serenaded ASIA’s Cultural Director Tracy Yeung.

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